Academic Focus Week (December 10-17)

The week before finals is referred to as Academic Focus Week. This week is dedicated to preparing students for their semester exams.  We do not have Advisory and coaches are asked to modify athletic practice schedules. Although teachers may introduce new material the week should be predominantly used as review.  Contrary to popular belief among students, homework during Academic Focus Week is permitted and appropriate.

Exam Environment

Exam periods are 2 hours and students must remain in class regardless of how quickly they finish their test.  Students are encouraged to bring a book to read or materials to study for other exams in case they finish early, so as not to disturb their classmates or the classrooms around them. 

Final Exam Absences

Students with excused absences during exams may take them when they return in January and should contact their teacher to arrange a time.  If a student is absent during a final exam, whether excused or unexcused, a zero will be entered in the gradebook until it is made up.

Grading Deadline

Teachers have until Tuesday, January 8th to submit semester grades.  We encourage all of our students and staff to enjoy family time over the holiday break.  As such, please expect that emails to teachers will be answered upon their return in January.


Students riding a school bus should check with their bus drivers for pickup times on December 18-20.

The VTA bus will depart Sobrato at 12:47pm on December 18-20.