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Register for the 8th Annual Ann Sobrato Golf Tournament – May 12th, 2017, Eagle Ridge Golf Course, Gilroy!



Class of 2017

Get excited for these upcoming events to celebrate our final moments together as Sobrato’s class of 2017!


Date of Event: April 10th
Cost: $45 / $50
Money Due By: March 10th
(Includes: charter bus both ways, all you can eat buffet, unlimited rides, 2 game tickets [lazer tag/miniature golf)
Senior Beach Day Permission Slip



Date of Event: May 13th
Cost: $60 / $65
Money Due by: April 28th
Prom Permission Slip
Prom Guest Pass Permission Slip
A letter from the California Department of Education regarding SCHOOL PROMS—LIMOUSINE, PARTY BUS, AND RIDE SERVICES



Date of Event: May 24th
Cost: $190 / $195
Money Due By: March 29th
Disneyland Permission Slip



○      You may start checking them out December 7th
○      They will only be available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at brunch
○      You’re allowed to check out 5 at a time
○      They will be sold for $20 and you will receive $15 credit for each one
○      Sell or return by February 17th
○      Very recommended by past seniors to help lower the cost or even pay off our senior events



Beach Day: April 10th Sadies: March 24th Prom: May 13th Disney: May 24th/25th
Money Due $45 with ASB / $50 without $40 with ASB / $45 without $60 with ASB / $65 without $190 With ASB / $195 without
Last Day to Purchase March 10th March 23rd March 29th April 28th
How many coupon books will cover cost? Approx. 3 (not usable for this date) Approx. 4 Approx. 12