Grad Night Do’s and Don’ts

Do and Don’ts for Grad Night

Grad guy

DO have a GREAT time.

DO be on time for departure.  Meet at the Sobrato bus loading area at 8:30 pm for check-in and bus assignment.  Buses will leave for Boomers at 9:00 pm!

DO bring your ASB card for check-in at the bus loading area.

DO bring a sweatshirt.  It will get cold later in the evening and there are many outside activities (we’re not kidding about this… it was cold and windy last year!).  Wear comfortable, casual clothing.

DON’T bring water or food, they will not be allowed on the bus, not even water bottles.  We will have lots of food and drinks at Boomers.

DON’T bring any valuables with you; for example a purse or money.  There is not a secured place at Boomers to store valuables.  Boomers and Grad Night committee are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.  Food, drinks and game tokens will be provided at no extra charge.

DO ride the same bus home that you rode on the way to Boomers.

If a grad is parking his/her car overnight at the school during Grad Night, please be advised that there will not be security available.  You will be parking at your own risk.