Grad Night FAQs

Grad Night FAQ

 Grad Night 101 for Parents!

What is Grad Night?  Grad Night is an all-night party put on by our parents to keep each graduating member of the senior class off the street and in a safe, alcohol-, tobacco-, and drug-free environment, yet free to celebrate their achievements and enjoy one last class party with their friends and classmates.

When is it?  It begins later in the evening following the graduation ceremony. Graduates will meet at Sobrato to board chartered busses at approximately 9 pm and be driven to Boomers in Livermore. Arrival time back at Sobrato will be at approximately 5 am Saturday morning. Travel time is about one hour each way.

Do students really like the Grad Night party?  Absolutely!  Graduates interviewed from prior years who attended their own Grad Night event say how much fun it was!  This is a great tradition at Sobrato High School for every year’s graduating class.

Is it a dance?  No.  While there will be a DJ and dancing, it is a fun-filled night which will also include food, beverages, laser tag, video games, go-cart racing, bumper boats, mini golf, and rock climbing throughout the night. 

Do they have to dress up?  Absolutely not.  There should not be fancy party clothes and heels are expressly prohibited; the party is very casual. The graduates may wear whatever is comfortable and allows movement to participate in various activities.  Layers are recommended, since many of the fun activities are outdoors and night may be chilly.

Can my graduate invite a friend outside of Sobrato’s Graduating Class?   This event is open only to Ann Sobrato High School graduates for the current year.  Sorry, no guests.

Is Grad Night really safe?   We are limited in our choices of vendors when choosing the site and the transportation to insure that the graduates will indeed be safe. We chose a site that can be monitored by facility security and volunteer parents throughout the night.   No one is allowed to leave once they board the bus to go to the event and no one will be admitted to the event without taking the provided transportation.  Boomers is open to ONLY Sobrato grads and chaperones for the entire night.

Do they have to take money to the party to pay for extras?  No, all food, beverages,  games and events are provided at not extra cost.  Grads should leave their cash at home.  There is no place to store purses or wallets at Boomers.

What if my family can’t afford the ticket?  Limited and confidential Scholarships are available.  Please see your Asst. Principal or call (408) 201-6202.

Why is the party so long?  The idea is to keep the graduates occupied and safe all night long to minimize the possibility of an unsafe celebration elsewhere.  When they return at 5 a.m. Saturday morning, they will be too tired to do much but go home and go to bed!

Do parents have to pick them up after the party?  Each graduate will need transportation home from Ann Sobrato High School after Grad Night. This can either be a parent or another adult who will pick them up around 5 a.m., or graduates can leave a car in the Sobrato parking lot.  Please note that there is no overnight security in the Sobrato parking lot. Keep in mind grads were up all night and are very tired on Saturday morning when they arrive back at Sobrato, we don’t recommend the grads drive themselves after returning from this event.

Can parents attend Grad Night or come to take pictures?   This is an event for our graduates to celebrate the beginning of their independent lives. We recruit only enough parents to assist in providing the necessary help in events and to provide security. Sorry, only parents who have volunteered to work at the party are allowed to attend. Consider volunteering during the party!  Email the Grad Night 2019 Committee at