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The staff directory is sorted alphabetically by last name.  However, you can sort by any of the column headings; for example, sort by department to see all the teachers in a particular department.

NameDepartmentPhone or ExtentionEmail
Ahlin, Barbara, Ms.Health Office Clerk(408)
Alfaro, Eric, Mr.Math/Computer
Alvarez, Abiam, Mr.Fine Arts/Applied
Amaro, Christopher, Mr.Instructional
Astorga, Alfredo (Fredy),
Atkins, Edie, Ms.Secretary (Counseling)(408)
Audino, Nina, Ms.
Barnes, AllanApplied Arts, Digital
Barnes, Howard, Mr.Social
Barry, Nicole, Ms.Social Studies/AVID
Department Chair
Baynes, Sue, Ms.ASB Bookkeeper(408)
Bellucci, Heilda, Ms.Registrar(408)
Borello, Nick, Mr.
Brummel, Vickie, Ms.Attendance(408)
Cadenasso, Carl, Mr.Social Studies/
Camus, Adam, Mr.Custodian(408)
Carothers, Aaron,
Castenada, Daniel, Mr.Custodian(408)
Cerniglia, Samantha, Ms.Instructional
Chambers, Gregory, Mr.Fine Arts -
Cheng, Judy, Ms.
Clark, Mitzi, Ms.Secretary (Principal's)(408)
Crawford, Lawrence, Mr.Athletic Director(408)
Delgado, Luis, Mr.Custodian(408)
deMelo, Christopher, Mr.Visual/Performing Arts
Department Chair
Dini, Officer GregSchool Resource Officer,
Durón, Aaron, Mr.Counselor, CARE Program(408)
Estrada, Wilfredo, Mr.Custodian(408)
Foy, Kevin, Mr.Social
Gaudin, Felicia,
Gharibyan, Karine,
Gómez, Isabel, Ms.World Languages -
Gonzalez, Jessica, Ms.English/
Goodale, Molly,
Green, Margaret, Ms.Instructional
Guevara, Ana, Ms.Resource
Guinane, Joe, Mr.Assistant Principal
Guthrie, Sarah, Ms.Assistant Principal
Hernandez, Thomas,
Jacobo, Verania, Ms.World Languages -
Kellett, Frankie, Ms.English
Department Chair
Kunes, Tina,
Kusanovich, Andrea, Ms.Social
Lagunas, Matthew,
Le, Jeffrey,
Lemoff, Sony, Ms.Secretary (Assistant Principals')(408)
Letts, David,
Lynn, Marc,
Macatangay, Michael, Mr.Social
Macko, Courtney, Ms.Principal(408)
Magaña, Claudia, Ms.World Languages - Spanish
Department Chair
Miller, Christina, Ms.World Languages -
Morales, Maria, Ms.Student
Perez, Karen, Ms.ADA
Ramirez, Martha, Ms.Custodian(408)
Rasley, Regan, Ms.ASB Directorx41503
Roadlander, Jackie, Ms.Speech Language Pathology
Rotman, Janelle,
Rottenborn, Heather, Ms.Science
Department Chair
Sage, Theresa, Ms.Assistant Principal
Salinas, Violeta,
Secolo, Lynnette, Ms.Registrar/Office Specialist(408)
Simpson, Jamie,
Soto, Jose, Mr.World Languages -
Soto, Lorraine, Ms.Student
Soriano, Connie, Ms.Student
Stine, Alice, Ms.Instructional
Stubbe, Kim, Ms.English/Social
Sunseri, Nichola, Ms.Instructional
Taylor, Christine, Dr.P.E.
Department Chair
Thomas, Edward (Ted), Mr.Counselor (A-Li)(408)
Tool, Hannah, Ms.English/
Unterreiner, Avery,
Urbina, Cheila, Ms.Bilingual Community
Valella, Mickey, Ms.Math
Department Chair
Vallez, Geneva, Ms.Food Service
Velazquez, Dulce, Ms.Cal-SOAP
Ware, Shelley, Ms.Resource
Watkins, Don, Mr.Resource
Wilson, Jennifer, Ms.Social
Winter Widel, Monica,
Witthaus, Kim, Ms.Counselor (Lo-Z)(408)
Yetso, Julie, Ms.Attendance(408)
Zhang, Anne, Ms.World Languages - Spanish