Bus Stops 2023-24


2023/2024 Bus Stops




Please find the list of bus stops associated with your students' school.  Student stops were assigned based on the home address of the student and board policy walking distances to establish the safest/most reasonable bus stop(s) for our bus riding students. 


When assigning bus stops, we took into account various factors, such as the presence of railroad tracks, major highways, and other obstacles, in order to ensure the well-being of our students during their journey to and from school.  Our aim is to provide a transportation system that provides safety above all else.


Please note, pickup times will be posted in a separate communication prior to the start of the school year. We understand that these changes have and continue to cause some confusion, and we genuinely appreciate your patience and cooperation as we implement new procedures. Our goal is to increase on-time pickups and drop-offs and ensure a safe and reliable transportation experience for all students.

Barrett Elementary School 895 Barrett Ave
Church Ave (NB) @ Barrett Ave 16355 Church Ave
Cochrane Rd @ Cochrane Apt Transit Stop 162 Cochrane Rd
Cochrane Road @ Peet Road 1485 Cochrane Road
Curry Dr @ Dougherty Ave (@ Park) 191 Curry Ave
Del Monte @ Paseo Madre Ct 18045 Del Monte
Depot Street (NB) @ 3rd Street 17165 Depot Street
Diana Ave @ Diana Park 535 Diana Ave
East Dunne Ave @ Terracina Apts 230 E Dunne Ave
Easy Street (NB) @ Sunshine Street 1010 Easy Street
El Toro Elementary School 17674 Calle Mazatan
Forsum Rd @ Metcalf Park 7310 Forsum Rd
Hale Ave @ San Bruno Ave 625 Hale Ave
Hill Rd (SB) @ Fisher 15725 Hill Rd.
Jackson Academy of Math and Music 2700 Fountain Oaks Dr
Llagas Road (WB) @ Shadowbrook (NE) 18272 Shadowbrook Way
Martin Murphy Middle School 141 Avenida Espana
Miramonte Ave @ Dougherty Ave 175 Miramonte Ave
Monterey Hwy @ Koyanagi Ave 584 Monterey Hwy
Monterey Hwy @ Maple Leaf RV Park 15200 Monterey Hwy
Monterey Hwy @ Ogier Ave 10202 Monterey Hwy
Monterey Hwy B4 Wright Ave @ MH House 17860 Monterey St
Monterey Rd @ 559 Monterey Rd 559 Monterey Hwy
Morning Star Dr before Savannah Ct 1580 Morning Star Dr
Nordstrom Elementry School 1425 E Dunne Ave
Olive Ave @ West Middle Ave 14820 Olive Ave
Sobrato High School 401 Burnett Ave
Spring Ave (WB) after Lone Hill 355 Spring Ave
Watsonville Rd (EB) @ Venetian Way 15122 Watsonville Rd
Watsonville Rd @ Via Sorrento Watsonville Rd @ Via Sorrento
West Edmundsom before Monterey Hwy 50 W Edmundson Ave


Activity Bus

ANN SOBRATO HIGH SCHOOL   **M-TH @ 4:45** Begins September 5th, 2023


Monterey @ Ogier Ave

Forsum Rd @ Park

Los Paseos @ Park

Monterey @ Blanchard

Dougherty Ave @ Live Oak



Cochrane Apts

Monterey Rd @ Acacia Mobile Home Park

El Toro Elementary

Live Oak High School

Dunne Ave (in front of Nordstrom School - at the curb)

Barrett Elementary

Olympic Dr @ Yellowstone Dr

Paradise Valley School

Maple Leaf RV Park

San Martin Gwinn Elementary

East St @ Sunshine St

Watsonville Rd @ Venetian Way