Mission Statement

Ann Sobrato High School
Mission Statement and Guiding Principles


The Mission:
The mission of the Morgan Hill Unified School District’s high schools is to provide all students with a safe learning environment, learning opportunities, and academic support so that each student achieves at high levels, graduates from high school, and is prepared for challenging post-secondary options.

Guiding Principles
To achieve our mission, we believe that the following principles should guide the work of our high schools:

Standards, Expectations and Assessments
We believe there should be a challenging curriculum for all students that reflects:

  • Clear expectations
  • High academic standards that clearly state what a student is to know and be able to do
  • Meaningful assessments that are tied to course standards


     We believe students learn best when they:

  • Are known well
  • Are trusted, respected and understood
  • Are connected to their teachers, counselors, staff, administrators, parents, and other students
  • Have adults who can serve as advocates and/or mentors
  • Have a variety of electives to meet their needs


     We believe students learn best when:

  • Students take responsibility for their learning
  • Students are actively engaged in their learning
  • Accommodations are made for students’ learning styles
  • A variety of instructional strategies and supports are used to address individual and special group needs
  • Students are provided information about their academic progress
  • Teachers not only present content but also serve as coaches and facilitators during the learning process

Culture and Environment

We believe that students learn best in an environment which:

  • Is emotionally and physically safe
  • Is mutually respectful
  • Is prejudice-free
  • Promotes a sense of belonging
  • Has well-maintained and up to date facilities, equipment, and instructional materials

Life Long Learning

We believe that students must develop the skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to:

  • Be life long learners
  • Fulfill their civic responsibility in a democratic society
  • Expand their post-secondary career and educational opportunities

Professional Development and Collaboration

We believe that all staff members:

  • Must be well-qualified and, in the case of teachers and administrators, credentialed
  • Must be life long learners
  • Must have opportunities and resources to continue to develop their skills and knowledge of instructional practices, assessments and content
  • Must have time to meet, plan, reflect, and collaborate with other staff members

Continuous Improvement

We believe that school staff members must:

  • Annually review student achievement data to identify successes and gaps in student achievement
  • Share the data, successes and achievement gaps with the community
  • Plan instructional and systemic changes around the annual data analysis
  • Have clear criteria for evaluating the impact of instructional and systemic changes on student achievement