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Activity Bus – departs at 4:30PM

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Activity Bus

Students who are staying late at school for Homework CenterMath Help Center or other school activities have the opportunity to take the Activity Bus home from school. See the details below for more information:

Days: Monday – Thursday
Departure: 4:30pm

  • No extra charge to students who already have a valid 2019-2020 MHUSD bus pass round-trip or PM transportation
  • $10 for students without a 2019-2020 MHUSD bus pass (good for the remainder of the year)
  • The Activity Bus runs September 3, 2019 – May 28, 2020.

Fill out the Activity Bus Application and submit it to the Transportation Department or to the Sobrato Main Office.   You may also pick up an application form in the office.

Activity Bus Stops


  • Monterey @ Ogier Ave
  • Forsum Rd @ Park
  • Los Paseos @ Park
  • Monterey @ Blanchard
  • Dougherty Ave @ Live Oak Ave


  • Cochrane Aptos
  • Monterey Rd @ Acacia Mobile Home Park
  • El Toro Elementary School
  • Live Oak High School
  • Barrett Elementary School
  • Olympic Dr @ Yellowstone Dr
  • Paradise Valley Elementary School
  • Maple Leaf RV Park
  • San Martin-Gwinn Elementary School
  • Easy St @ Sunshine St
  • Watsonville Rd @ Venitian Way