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Learning Plan Update - schedule begins April 14!


Due to the school closure extension, there is a need to move from enrichment to flexible learning.  The focus of MHUSD’s Flexible Learning Plan is to support the teaching and learning for students. All staff are expected to continue to attend and perform their duties, though for many some flexibility may be necessary to adjust to the needs of the school and students in this flexible learning environment.  Students are expected to do approximately 4 hours of learning per day. Learning can be done in a variety of strategies and direction will be provided and flexibility given.


Expectations For Flexible Learning 

Student Classes/Check-in: There will be an opportunity for real-time, voice and/or virtual check-ins to facilitate engagement for learning and, when applicable, a pre-recorded lesson will be provided. Students are expected to check in with teachers each week according to their school’s schedule. Parents will be notified if their students are not participating.

Example of How Students will Engage in a Class Check-In: 

1. TEACHER will set the week’s assignment: Provide and describe resources, answer questions, communicate the due date for work completion. 

2. STUDENTS will participate and engage: All students respond to a question or prompt posted by the teacher. 

  • A basic format for class time interactions might look like: a discussion in Google Classroom, a shared Google Doc, posts to Padlet, post in chat box, etc. 

  • A more advanced check-in might look like a live video discussion in small groups using Zoom, Google Hangout, or phone.

  • Students are expected to participate according to their school’s schedule.  If they are unable to they must immediately contact their teacher. 

  • Students are expected to follow their teacher behavior expectations

3. STUDENTS will adhere to all appropriate online conduct in accordance with acceptable use agreements.


Tutorial Hours: During this time, all teachers will be online and available for students to drop in with questions. Teachers will establish their method for conducting Tutorial (i.e. Zoom, Google Hangout, email or phone). If using email for Tutorial hours, the expectation is that teachers will respond as soon as possible. If the response needs more time, students will be notified of the delay.

Class Assignments: The goal is to keep students learning and engaged, not to replicate the in-person class experience or produce the same amount of learning that would have otherwise occurred. MHUSD recommends teachers structure instruction and assignments for an estimated 4 hours per week per class, 5 days a week, excluding holidays and breaks.

Level of Engagement: Engagement for each class will be determined based on student participation demonstrated in any of the following ways: 

❏ Check-ins as scheduled for each period 

❏ Submission of work/assignments as posted by teacher for each period 

❏ Responding to postings and/or emails for each period during the designated time for each period 

Please note: If a student becomes ill and is unable to engage with their classes, parents/guardians are to notify teachers to let them know. If a student is unresponsive and has not engaged at any level, teachers will be able to submit a “request for student follow-up” that will be acted on by school personnel. 


Schedules: The following sample schedule may be used across the District for staff meetings and student flexible learning opportunities. Please note the schedule for Middle and High School slightly differ.  Individual school sites will notify parents/students of implementation dates.


High School Student Schedule

Begins Tuesday, April 14, 2020

What parents and students can expect from their school/teacher?

  • For students with limited internet access, curriculum materials and resources will be provided in the form of printed packets or a USB thumb drive.

  • Communicate and clarify expectations for formalizing students’ flexible learning and participation in class as a result of the extended closure. 

  • Assignments and grades in alignment with site expectations and regular feedback about student’s progress.

  • Inappropriate student behavior will be addressed and parents will be contacted.


How can I contact my child’s teachers?

Our teachers are continuing to check their email and voicemails regularly. Please contact them with questions or concerns and they will reach out to you in a timely manner. All teacher emails and school phone numbers can be found on the school’s staff directory.


Grading: We recognize that this learning environment cannot replace the in-person experience yet our goal is to maintain a level of learning so as to prevent regression or loss of learning.  During these times, we must allow for flexibility given the various factors that are currently out of our control.  


Guidelines for the evaluation of student work and grades: 

PASS/FAIL POLICY: Due to the closure and the need to accommodate the wide variety of equity of access issues, the remainder of the semester will be graded as Pass/Fail.

Teachers will:

  • Provide feedback on student work to enhance both quality and mastery. Post grades in Aeries and encourage students and parents to monitor progress. 

  • Provide consideration and flexibility in due dates so that students are not penalized for factors beyond their control. However, continue to introduce new content to meet the course requirements as best as can be achieved with the most students as possible.


Protection of student privacy: 

  • All staff are required to adhere to Federal Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Child Online Protection and Privacy Act (COPPA) guidelines for protecting student privacy. This means not disclosing personal identifiable information about students with third parties or to other students or parents. 


Academic Counseling:

  • Guidance counselors: Counselors will keep the same schedule as teachers for Office Hours (i.e. Zoom, Google Hangout, phone or email).  


 MHUSD: Stronger Together

We thank our community for your flexibility during this unprecedented time in which we are all working together to support MHUSD students, families, and staff.  It is through our collective efforts we support each other during this time of crisis.