Grades, Report Cards and Transcripts


Progress Reports & Semester Grade Dates – 2023-24
Report cards and interim progress reports are posted online via Aeries Portal seven school days after the date shown below.   Only semester report cards are mailed home.  For information on how to use Aeries Portal click here.


Grading period closing dates are listed below:

First Quarter Progress Report 09/08/23
First Quarter Grades 10/13/23
First Semester Progress Report 11/09/23
First Semester Grades 12/20/23
Third Quarter Progress Report 02/09/24
Third Quarter Grades 03/15/24
Second Semester Progress Report 04/26/24
Second Semester Grades 06/06/24


Grade Achievement for grades 9-12

(MHUSD AR 5121)

Academic achievement in grades 9-12 shall be reported each semester and shall reflect students’ demonstration of course content standards achievement.  Teachers in grades 9-12 may, in their best professional judgment, assign plus and minus signs to grades.

A (90-100%) Outstanding achievement of standards 4.0 grade points

B (80-89%) Proficient achievement of standards 3.0 grade points

C (70-79%) Satisfactory achievement of standards 2.0 grade points

D (60-69%) Minimal achievement of standards 1.0 grade points

F (59 and below) Non-achievement of standards 0 grade points


Course Changes     

It is Sobrato’s policy that student class changes are made for these reasons only:
    The student is misplaced based upon departmental criteria for the class in which he/she is enrolled.
2.    The student is missing a class in his/her schedule.
3.    The student requires more advanced course work because of course results.
4.    A student needs a class to complete the requirements for graduation.

Failed Classes

Failed classes (grade of “F”) earn no units.  Required classes for high school graduation that are failed must be repeated until they are passed. An equivalent course may satisfy this requirement.

W/F – Withdrawal Fail

After the second week of a semester, any student who feels he/she cannot remain in a class may (with parent permission) be removed from that class and be given a W/F (Withdrawal/Fail).  The “F” grade will become a permanent grade on the transcript and will affect eligibility for the entire semester in which it was earned.

Courses that are repeated earn units only once, unless otherwise noted in the course description.  Example:  A student receives a “D” in Algebra 1 and then repeats the course the next year earning a “B”.  The “D” grade will remain on the permanent record but will earn no units.  The “B” grade will be placed on the permanent record and will be used to calculate the GPA.  Students receiving a grade below a “C” are required to repeat the course if it is to be used for college eligibility.  However, it is of no value to repeat a course where the grade is a “C” or better, as colleges recognize only the original grade given.

Concurrent Enrollment at Gavilan Community College or other Community College

Some students take the opportunity to concurrently enroll at Gavilan College (or other community college) while still attending Sobrato.  Concurrent enrollment is a way to earn both high school credit and college credit for the same class.  The Counseling Center has more information regarding this program.  All concurrent classes must be pre-approved by the counseling department and the principal.


Transcripts may be requested from the Sobrato Registrar ( in the Administration Building.  Outside the registrar’s door you can find the Transcript Request form that should be filled out and returned to her.  It is the policy of this school district to issue three copies of the complete high school transcript free of charge to present Sobrato students.  Subsequent to the three free copies, there is a $3.00 fee for each copy, which must be paid prior to the processing of the requested copy(ies).  A $5.00 fee will be charged for each copy for all previous graduates.

No transcript can be issued on demand.  You must leave a request with the Sobrato registrar and pick up the copy(ies) the next day.  If you must have it on the same day, there is a $3.00 fee for same day service.

Students may also request transcripts through Naviance for colleges, NCAA and scholarships.

High School Code:   053906

CDS Code:               43-69583-0102368