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 Attention all Sobrato High School Student-Athletes:
Athletic Scholarships available through the CCS (click here for more info & registration)
a.       CCS Scholar-Athlete Scholarship – The Scholar-Athlete Scholarship program will recognize one (1) female and one (1) male from each league to receive a minimum of $500 each.
          i.      The deadline for applications to be received by the League Office
                  is Friday, March 12, 2021.
b.       The Jeff Lamb Scholarship - Jeff Lamb Scholarship are student athletes who have exhibited an interest in becoming a teacher/coach and eventually attain leadership in the Athletic Director role.
          i.      The scholarship is $500 and applications should be submitted 
                  directly to the CCS Office no later than Friday, April 16, 2021. 
c.        The Joyce-Ridgway Scholarship - Joyce Ridgway served as a leader in the development of Women's sports in the CCS and the CIF. A scholarship is offered annually to a deserving female high school senior.
i.     The scholarship is $500 and applications should be submitted directly to the CCS
                 Office no later than Friday, April 16, 2021.

If any student-athlete is interested in trying out for a Sobrato Sports team please make sure you do the following: 

  1. Register, follow the following link click here

  2. Complete & upload your sports physical

  3. Contact the head coach for your team click here

At this time the Season 1 start dates are being finalized. We estimate that tryouts are tentatively scheduled to begin by mid-February. Some sports will start conditioning the last week of January or the first week of February, with the date for each sport being determined over the course of the next week to 10 days. Additional information to follow soon. Thank you in advance for your patience.

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As an exception to the standard requirements and due to the unusual circumstances created by Covid-19 the following eligibility conditions will be applied to Season 1 only:
  • October 9th Quarter grades count towards eligibility to participate in a contest until the end of the semester 1 grading period January 7th.
  • Progress report grades on November 10th will determine if a student is eligible to participate in practices starting December 14th.
  • If a Student received less than a 2.0 at the quarter that student can NOT participate in a contest until the Semester 1 grading period is final and has increased the students GPA to a minimum of 2.0 or above.
  • If that student has under a 2.0 at the quarter but over 2.0 on the November 10 progress report, that student may participate in practices ONLY starting December 14th. NO Contest until the Semester 1 grading period is final and the student has achieved a 2.0 GPA or above and meets the standard credit requirements as listed below (also listed in the Athletic Handbook). 
Sobrato High School standard eligibility requirements (from student handbook):
Did You Know?  Not only is a 2.0 GPA required for participation in the athletics program, but students must have completed the following minimum credits prior to the beginning of a semester to be eligible.  This information can also be found on page 13 of the Athletic Handbook.  Unsure if your child is eligible?  Contact Athletic Director Lawrence Crawford (408-201-6240 or
Beginning Semester #
Minimum # of Credits Earned
Athletics Department Contact Information: 
Lawrence Crawford x41505 
Sue Baynes x41504