The Counseling and Career Center is located in Room B022.
If you have a general question or concern for your student's counselor, the most expedient way to contact them is through email.  You can also contact your student's counselor through voicemail. Counselors will try to get back to you within 24-48 hours (not including weekends or holidays).  Please keep in mind that if you are calling about course content or other class-related issue, we ask that you have communicated with the teacher first. 
Counseling Staff Contact Info:

Mr. Ted Thomas, Counselor (Students with last name beginning with A-Go)  (408) 201-6216

Ms. Jennifer Baez, Counselor (Students with last name beginning with Gr-N)  (408) 201-6217

Mrs. Kim Witthaus, Counselor (Students with last name beginning with O-Z)  (408) 201-6214

Mr. David Vazquez, CARE Student Support Specialist  (408) 201-6215

Mrs. Dulce Velazquez, Cal-SOAP Counselor  (408) 201-6200 x41536

Ms. Stephanie Rojas Torres, Cal-SOAP Counselor  (408) 201-6200 x41536

Mr. David de la Cuesta, Scholarship Advisor  (408) 221-6158

Mrs. Edie Atkins, Counseling Secretary  (408) 201-6203

Counselor Office Hours:
 Ted Thomas
 Jen Baez
 Kim Witthaus
by appointment only
Scholarship Supports:
Seniors, email David de la Cuesta for scholarship information:
Work Permits:
Email Edie Atkins:


Social-Emotional Supports:   

Rebekah Children’s Services  Drop In Hours:  Any Sobrato student can drop in on Tuesdays from 2:00-2:40 to talk to a counselor about stress, anxiety, or whatever else they need to talk about.

PIN: 512-065 720#
Discovery Counseling: Free individual counseling services for students who would like to have one-on-one sessions with a therapist. Sessions are held on Zoom. Contact your counselor to begin the referral process.
Rebekah Children’s Services and Community Solutions: Another resource for individual or family counseling services. Contact your counselor to begin the referral process.
Academic Supports:
Sobrato Peer Tutoring: email to get set up with a peer tutor!
Cal-SOAP Tutoring: Cal-SOAP supports email to learn more about Cal-SOAP and tutoring services.


COMMUNITY RESOURCE Student Assistance Listed below are Community Services and Hotline Numbers to assist you with any personal problems.


24-7 Teen Line--------------------------------------------------------------------1-888-247-7717
Safe Place - Runaway--------------------------------------------------------------408-243-0222
Teenage Health Resource (Confidential)-----------------------------------1-888-711-8336
California Youth Crisis Line----------------------------------------------------1-800-843-5200
Rape Crisis Hotline-----------------------------------------------------------------408-779-2113
Suicide Prevention-----------------------------------------------------------------408-683-2482
Gay Youth Hotline---------------------------------------------------------------1-800-246-7743
Planned Parenthood--------------------------------------------------------------408-847-1739
LGBTQ Plus Resources:
PFLAG ----------------------------------------------------------
Youth Space------------------------------------------------------------
Billie  De Frank Center------------------------------------
AIDS Hotline ----------------------------------------------------------------------1-800-342-AIDS
AIDS Testing -------------------------------------------------------------------------408-885-7000
24 Hour Hotline------------------------------------------------------------------1-800-FOR-AIDS
South Valley Pregnancy Center (24 hour) ------------------------------------408-778-1175
ABUSE (Child, Domestic Violence):

Children’s Shelter-------------------------------------------------------------------408-558-5400 Child Protective Services --------------------------------------------------------408-683-0601 Contact (Teens & Adults)---------------------------------------------------------408-279-8228 Crisis Counseling ------------------------------------------------------------------408-683-4118 Child Abuse Reporting (24 hour) ----------------------------------------------408-299-2071 Community Solutions Domestic Violence Line-----------------------------408-683-4118

AL-ANON (Alcohol Support Group)---------------------------------------------408-379-1051
Alcoholics Anonymous------------------------------------------------------------408-295-0920
24 Hour Drug and Alcohol Referral Network------------------------------1-888-304-9797
FLASH (Families Learning About Substances & Health) ------------------408-842-7138
Child, Adolescent & Family Services-------------------------------------------408-299-2304
No BUTTS (Tobacco)------------------------------------------------------------1-800-766-2888
Resource Alliance NCADD (Help Line)-----------------------------------------408-292-9945
Bill Wilson Center-------------------------------------------------------------------408-554-0888
Center for Living with Dying-----------------------------------------------------408-980-9801
East Field Ming Quong Family Services---------------------------------------408-379-3790
Gay and Lesbian Hotline----------------------------------------------------------408-293-4525
Community Solutions-------------------------------------------------------------408-779-2113
24 Hour Crisis Hotline-------------------------------------------------------------408-294-0579
Suicide & Crisis Hotline -----------------------------------------------------------408-279-3312

Naviance is a K-12 college and career readiness solution that helps districts and schools align student strengths and interests to college goals, improving student outcomes and connecting learning to life.  Students, staff and parents can access Naviance online from any device in multiple languages.  Naviance give students an opportunity to explore their own skills, investigate and learn about career choices and colleges, apply for colleges and scholarships, and prepare for tests such as the ACT, SAT and AP exams.

 Log in to your Naviance account here:

Visit Naviance for:

Senior Parent Night Video

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Junior Parent Night Video

The Counseling Office held a virtual Junior Parent Night on Wednesday, September 30. If you missed it, you can click here to view the video.