Course Registration and Graduation Requirements Information:

The Counseling and Career Center is located in Room B022.
If you have a general question or concern for your student's counselor, the most expedient way to contact them is through email.  You can also contact your student's counselor through voicemail. Counselors will try to get back to you within 24-48 hours (not including weekends or holidays).  Please keep in mind that if you are calling about course content or other class-related issue, we ask that you have communicated with the teacher first. 
Counseling Staff Contact Info:

Mr. Ted Thomas, Counselor (Students with last name beginning with A-Go)  (408) 201-6216

Ms. Jennifer Baez, Counselor (Students with last name beginning with Gr-N)  (408) 201-6217

Mrs. Kim Witthaus, Counselor (Students with last name beginning with O-Z)  (408) 201-6214

Mr. David Vazquez, CARE Student Support Specialist  (408) 201-6215

Ms. Stephanie Rojas Torres, Cal-SOAP Counselor  (408) 201-6200 x41536

Mrs. Edie Atkins, Counseling Secretary  (408) 201-6203

Counselor Office Hours:
 Ted Thomas
 Jen Baez
 Kim Witthaus
by appointment only
Work Permits:
Email Edie Atkins:
South County Cal-SOAP Application:
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