Community Resources

COMMUNITY RESOURCE Student Assistance Listed below are Community Services and Hotline Numbers to assist you with any personal problems.

24-7 Teen Line-----------------------------1-888-247-7717
Safe Place - Runaway-----------------------408-243-0222
Teenage Health Resource (Confidential) -
California Youth Crisis Line-------------1-800-843-5200
Rape Crisis Hotline--------------------------408-779-2113
Suicide Prevent------------------------------408-683-2482
Gay Youth Hotline-------------------------1-800-246-7743
Planned Parenthood------------------------408-847-1739
LGBTQ Plus Resources:
PFLAG -------------------
Youth Space---------------------
Billie  De Frank Center -
AIDS Hotline -------------------------------1-800-342-AIDS
AIDS Testing ----------------------------------408-885-7000
24 Hour Hotline---------------------------1-800-FOR-AIDS
South Valley Pregnancy Center (24 hour) -
ABUSE (Child, Domestic Violence):
Children’s Shelter----------------------------408-558-5400
Child Protective Services------------------408-683-0601
Contact (Teens & Adults)------------------408-279-8228
Crisis Counseling ----------------------------408-683-4118
Child Abuse Reporting (24 hour) --------408-299-2071
Community Solutions Domestic Violence Line -
AL-ANON (Alcohol Support Group)------408-379-1051
Alcoholics Anonymous---------------------408-295-0920
24 Hour Drug and Alcohol Referral Network -
FLASH (Families Learning About Substances & Health) -----------------------------------------408-842-7138
Child, Adolescent & Family Services----408-299-2304
No BUTTS (Tobacco)---------------------1-800-766-2888
Resource Alliance NCADD (Help Line)--408-292-9945
Bill Wilson Center----------------------------408-554-0888
Center for Living with Dying--------------408-980-9801
East Field Ming Quong Family Services--08-379-3790
Gay and Lesbian Hotline------------------408-293-4525
Community Solution-----------------------408-779-2113
24 Hour Crisis Hotline----------------------408-294-0579
Suicide & Crisis Hotline --------------------408-279-3312

Social-Emotional Supports:   

MHUSD Monthly Virtual Drop-In Flyer in English / Spanish

Rebekah Children’s Services  Drop In Hours:  Any Sobrato student can drop in on Tuesdays from 2:00-2:40 to talk to a counselor about stress, anxiety, or whatever else they need to talk about.
PIN: 512-065 720#
Discovery Counseling: Free individual counseling services for students who would like to have one-on-one sessions with a therapist. Sessions are held on Zoom. Contact your counselor to begin the referral process.
Rebekah Children’s Services and Community Solutions: Another resource for individual or family counseling services. Contact your counselor to begin the referral process.

Our community has resources for students who are struggling with vaping and/or using alcohol or drugs. Please share the resources below with any students/families who might need support.

Crisis, mental health, and substance abuse lifeline phone numbers (English and Spanish)