Freshman Success

What is Freshman Success?

Freshmen who are "on track" and passing all of their classes with Ds or better are 80% more likely to graduate. Students with Cs or better are eligible to apply to a four-year college after high school. Students who earn Bs or better are more likely to find success in college, according to research.

Freshman Success Indicators

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How are freshmen at Sobrato doing?

After the quarter one progress report, 300 freshmen are on track, passing their classes with Ds or better. See below to learn more about how many freshmen are four-year college eligible (Cs or better) and how many have Bs or better. Grades are not final until the end of the semester in December, so there is still time for students to change their grades!

Freshman Success Report Sobrato

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Importance of Attendance

Students who are consistently in class are much more likely to graduate from high school in four years. See the chart below to learn more about the impact that attendance can have on high school success.

Attendance Facts

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