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The purpose of our Wellness Centers is to create a safe and welcoming space on a school campus that will offer mental health support, healing from trauma, social-emotional wellness, and connections to local community agencies and other service providers that will support our young people, families, staff, and community.

EMAIL: SOWELLNESS@MHUSD.ORG      *Students can text the email address from their device
PHONE: 408-201-6224
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Monday & Wednesday: 8-7pm*
Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday: 8-5pm*
4th Saturday: 9:30-11:30 am
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Meet the Wellness Center Staff!

artina Glenn, LMFT, APCC

Professional background

Martina graduated with her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Social Action in 2016 and earned her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology in 2018 from Palo Alto University, both summa cum laude. Martina has worked for the Morgan Hill community since 2017, serving clients at both community agency and in school settings. Martina is passionate about bringing healing to those who have often felt limited by the burdens of their anxiety, depression, or trauma. Martina has extensive experience in crisis intervention and trauma-informed care, and she has worked with individuals of all ages as well as with couples and families. Martina uses a variety of different holistic modalities based on her clients’ needs and processes. She uses person-centered theories, existential principles, attachment-based theories, and emotionally focused therapy. Martina also utilizes creativity in her therapeutic processes through the use of narrative therapy and art expression therapy. 

What do you love about working with students?

I love the complexity of all the teenagers I have worked with throughout the years. I deeply appreciate their authenticity and their desire to pursue their dreams which is often combined with their pressure to conform. I love their various ways to express themselves through the use of their creativity, through art or in writing. I offer safe space to listen to what they are trying to say, even when they don’t have the words for it yet, or when I am the first person they have ever told. I am a fierce advocate for every outsider and survivor I work with. 

What do you do for your own wellness?

I love to fly kites! I have a good number of kites of various sizes and I love to fly them a couple of times a week. I love travelling and discovering new places and cultures, and I really enjoy visiting various National Parks and remote places. I know a lot about art history, I enjoy looking at art and talking about art, and I enjoy creating art including photography. I enjoy being in my garden and taking care of my epiphyllums, which are a variety of orchid cacti with astonishing flowers the size of a dinner plate. I love going to the beach with my dog Brian. 

Fun fact

Martina speaks Czech, so if you want to chat in Czech don’t hesitate to come to say hi! 

Louise Pulido MSW, PPSC

Professional Background

Louise is a Bay Area native. She was born and raised in San Jose but eventually moved to south county when her own children were ready to embark on their K-12 education. As a Latina, she prides herself in being a first-generation college graduate. Louise obtained her first Master’s degree in Child and Adolescent Development and a second Master’s degree in Social Work. She finds herself in a passionate pursuit to work as an advocate for children and adolescents and finds fulfillment in exploring and volunteering in new communities.

Louise comes with an accumulation of knowledge from her experience as an educator and mental health clinician. Louise aspires to build new relationships in her school community and 


“I look forward to working at the Live Oak High School Wellness Center where I can use collaborative mental health support using strength-based practices, life coaching, and mindfulness techniques with the intention to heal hearts and minds.” 

What do you do for your own wellness?

Wellness is having balance and harmony. Wellness is feeling accepted and safe. Wellness is not only mental health but also essential in our physical, social, emotional and spiritual being. I sense my personal wellness when I feel whole and healthy. I implement self-care through daily exercise, prayer, reflection, and positive self-talk. 

What do you love about working with students?

I love working with students because they have a level of energy and ambition that is unmatchable. I’m fascinated to learn about their passions and life goals. 

Fun Facts

I’ve been a resident of the Morgan Hill Community for over 17 years. I have ventured through all facets of education from being a preschool teacher to a college instructor and everything in between.

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